Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday

Since I’m not working on stuff for “Brea” right now, this teaser comes to you from my dark pen name’s September release, Love After Darkness.

He’s close enough to touch me and reaches out hesitantly, running his palm along the outside of my thigh. He slides his fingers up to my hip and I suck in a breath, surprised at the instant heat from his fingertips alone.
“I’m not a person who gives into temptation.” He pushes at me gently, as though it will nudge me in the opposite direction.
“Do I tempt you?”
“More than you will ever know.”
I hide my grin. “Then feed your demons. With me. Tonight.”
Our faces are inches away, his breath tangling with my own.
The oxygen disappeared from the room atom by atom and I’m not sure which one of us actually made the first move. Which one decided to cross the line in the sand first. We stood apart, and then he touched me.

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