Bad Wolves



Little Red Riding Hood had a big, bad wolf… I have four.

I didn’t even know werewolves existed. Or that the story my parents used to tell me about a mythical Moon Goddess was real.

But it’s true—all of it—and that means, the part about her gifting me with only twenty-five years of life is too. 

With my final birthday looming, I'm on a mission to save myself, but that mission ends up throwing me in the middle of two warring werewolf packs. 

Now, the rival alphas and their two betas have me in their sights. 

Torin, Noble, Mathis, and Dax are sexier than sin, but they're hunters, killers, some of the most powerful men in the shifter and human world…

And they want a taste of me.

They’re in for a surprise: I might not be a wolf like them, but I’m never prey.


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They think I’m weak, but I’m a wolf among sheep.

The Moon Goddess’ temple is destroyed, the Moonstone gone. I’ve been kidnapped by the deadliest wolf pack in the country, but something is changing inside me.

The curse has been lifted -- a part of me has finally woken up, a part that’s been dormant for a very long time.

A beast that’s both wild and a warrior.

My four wolves have joined together to rescue me, to save their packs from Andras’s wrath, but our enemies are everywhere.

Now, I’m fighting for something far greater than just my life: my heart and my soul.

Little Red has claws, and it’s about time I use them.


Releasing 2023