Heartwood Novels



What happens when two people who want nothing to do with each other end up “married?”

He thinks she is a distraction. A means to an end. She has a little one at home and doesn’t want to get involved. Period.
Lorelei Zasso was in the market for a wind chime for her mother’s birthday and knew of only one man who had the goods and the talent. Sawyer Parksdale is an artist with no time for women. However, he’s in need of a wife. Fast.

The deal is done.

In order to keep up the appearance of a happily-married-couple and impress his brother, Sawyer and Lorelei must find a way to make the charade work. Even when real sparks begin to fly.



She’s ready for love. He's not.

Bartender turned renovator Fenton Novak has a job site, an alcoholic brother drinking himself to an early grave, and a tsunami of responsibility ready to crash down on his head. He’s purchased a bed and breakfast in town and plans to renovate the space into something spectacular to bring the tourists in droves. His drive is his curse and the only way to free himself from his stress is to see his goals come to completion.

Until he meets someone special.

Shari Vest hadn’t planned to fall head over heels for a man she didn’t know. Especially when love at first sight is not on her agenda. The only reason she volunteered for the high school fundraising dunk tank was her niece. She can handle the gaggle of PTO moms ruling their roost. The one thing she out of her control? Five tickets for the kissing booth and the mind-blowing kiss. But when the man whose talented lips caused an explosion offers her a job, will she be able to keep her hands to herself? Or will she be unable to convince Fenton to give her a chance?

Fans of Nora Roberts, Brenda Novak, and Virgin River are devouring this witty, emotional small town contemporary series



The bad boy she doesn’t want is the one she needs.

Perky and driven bakery owner Essie Townsend has learned to stay in her own lane. She runs a book club, cooks like a dream, and has kept one secret close to her chest for years. An innocent man went to jail and she was the one who put him there.

Isaac Howard is back in town after being wrongfully incarcerated. He took the fall for something he didn’t do and now he wants revenge on the person who should have spoken up…and did not.


He ruthlessly finds ways to interrupt her cozy routine, to mess with her head. To get under her skin and into her heart. As these two navigate each other, the past returns to make itself known, and the real trouble is still out there. Waiting for someone to slip and bring those long held secrets into the light. When Isaac and Essie start to heal, those secrets put them both in more danger.

Fans of Nora Roberts, Brenda Novak, and Virgin River are devouring this witty, emotional small town contemporary series.



The only thing he can’t buy is her love.

Easton O’Callaghan’s plan is simple: disconnect from city life and relax. He’s found the perfect place, too, with snow and scenery and a crazy lady with a big black dog who enjoys literally running into him.

Quinn Armstrong’s ability to connect with people stops with her masterful Christmas decorations made from recycled and local materials. So when Easton interjects himself into her work, and her commitment to life as a lone artist veers off course, she finds herself scrambling for a way out and far away from him.

Easton just wants Quinn’s talent to grow to a staggering success, but she’s not interested in his money. Or him, for that matter. His time in the small town of Heartwood is coming to a close and he’s got to convince Quinn to give him, and his business plan, a chance before he’s out of her life for good. Can he complete his conquest before Christmas, or will the holiday pull them apart before they even get together?

Fans of Nora Roberts, Brenda Novak, and Virgin River are devouring this witty, emotional small town contemporary series.