Standalones and Anthologies



The predator becomes the prey.

Daughter of the wolf alpha and heir to the pack, Odessa Darrow has been trained since birth to play her part. Her father has arranged an engagement to a rival pack’s son to strengthen relations. Except her fiancé is a brute and a thug.

She’s willing to risk exile to escape. Her plans lead to complications when a third party crashes the wedding celebration, destroys tentative pack relations, and kidnaps Odessa.

Calen Siegfried is the lowest wolf on the totem pole, without official status as he has never been able to shift. Ever. But he’s always loved Odessa and he won’t stop trying to find her until he’s hunted down her kidnapper and made them pay. There’s one man, or magician, at the center of it all and when Odessa finally decides to find out his secrets, it places them all in more danger.

Fans of Kresley Cole and Ilona Andrews will fall for this dark and twisted romantic retelling of the Swan Princess.


Guardian angel? Think again.

At six year old, car crash killed Mariella Revely’s mom, and instead of a guardian angel, the universe gave her something else. She’s found a way to live a relatively normal life until she runs over a djinn in a parking lot.

Now, Mariella must find a way to not only free herself from the curse and the demon script but also deal with the fact that she’d managed to interrupt a hit job. And put herself squarely in the scope instead.

With a target painted on her back and the supernatural community turning its attention to her, she has to trust the one man she know she can’t and hope his secrets won’t get her killed. Secrets that are more dangerous than her own.

Sometimes it takes accidentally interfering with the wrong hit job, a little faith, and a guardian demon to come out on the right side of treachery.

Fans of Lost Girl, Sookie Stackhouse, and Bella Andrews will love this steamy stand alone novella.


Her hope of escape is the one man who might kill her.

Illaria and Yelena are Fae trapped in this world, hiding in plain sight. When her sister goes missing, Illaria vows to do anything to bring her home. Even if it means teaming up with a human detective who would rather needle her than do his job.

Gifted with the Sight, Kieran Shanahan knows things others do not, which makes him the least popular man in the precinct. He’s given a case no one else wants, and in an attempt to prove his worth, he vows to solve it. Even if it means dealing with a Fae who would rather decapitate him than sit on the sidelines.

Soon, the unlikely duo will have to work together to find Illaria’s sister. If they fail, someone—or something—will use them to destroy each other and their town.

Fans of Charlaine Harris and Karen Marie Moning will sink their teeth into this new paranormal romance by Brea Viragh.


A tale as old as time, but not as you remember.

A young woman with no memory of her past, Reila Barnes discovers there’s a good reason why the town has shunned her: she’s a witch. Not only a witch, but the one responsible for putting the curse on Merek, the Prince of Bellmare, changing him into a monster.

What happens when the beast needs to be saved from the beauty?

Reila must search for a way to break the curse she cast despite Prince Merek’s obvious distrust. As she uses her magic to try and find answers, she unknowingly sets a chain of events in motion that threaten both their lives. Not to mention the dark desires of her body when it comes to the beast.

The old saying that “true love can conquer anything” is just another fairy tale. But the danger is all too real.

Fans of Bella Andrews, Illona Andrews, and Sherrilyn Kenyon will devour Brea Viragh’s dark Beauty & the Beast reimagining.


All I want for Christmas is a lynx shifter…

Lakota Lindon is hot and ripped in all the right ways: he’s also harboring a massive secret. He’s a lynx shifter, and nature photographer Farris Waters just wasted an entire week snapping photos of him in animal form.

Right before he transformed in front of her.

Now a massive snowstorm has her stranded with this creature who shouldn’t exist. Yet the one man she knows she can’t trust is the one her body craves and no amount of coaxing will get her to cave. With no amount of magic of her own, Farris is powerless to escape, and powerless to resist him when he turns up the charm. The temperature is dropping, Christmas is coming, and soon, despite her stubborn resolution, she won’t be able to resist him. No matter the danger that being with him brings.

Fans of True Blood, Darynda Jones, and classic Katie MacAlister will enjoy the heat, laughs, and love of this paranormal Christmas novella.